Nate's Relic Guitars was founded by Owner Nate Morgan in 2015. Our goal, besides selling guitars, is to offer an authenic relic guitar without having to mortgage your home to pay for it. Our models include Fender Telecasters, Stratocasters, Mustangs, Epiphone Les Pauls , LP Juniors and we also build our own custom Teles, Strats and the popular barncaster.  Each guitar is completely disassembeled and put through a multi-step aging process that includes hand painting of many parts. This sets them apart from many relics on the market. Many hours of hand finishing and polishing are spent to achieve the disired end look. Nate personally sets up each guitar which includes leveling and polishing the frets to assure extra smooth play. A pro-set up makes them real players with much lower action than the typical factory set-up. But, the best part is, you can afford one! Our models start around $350 for a Fender Squier Affinity Strat with upgraded Wilkinson pickups. Our custom built Tele style models with Fender pickups start at $599. We have sold over 350 relic guitars to happy customers and many end up buying two or three. Check us out on Facebook and our Nate's Relic Guitars Stores on Ebay and to purchase one of our authenic Relic Guitars.

 Our Custom built models are built from premium woods and top of the line, reliable parts like Fender Pickups, CTS Pots, Oak Grigsby switch and Switchcraft input. Proceed to the "Contact" page to click on our Ebay Store link to view our current models and visit us on Facebook @ Nate's Relic Guitars.